Mrs S Atkinson

Key Stage 1 Lead and Year 2 Pear Class Teacher

Mr A Oates

Year 2 Oak Class Teacher


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Mrs Atkinson:

Mr Oates:




Olly R - For always being kind and caring to your friends. You always look out for others. 

Oskar S - For always working hard and challenging yourself. Your positive attitude to learning is infectious. 

Emilia R - For always engaging in group discussions and thinking of amazing, creative ideas!

Erin H - For being a superstar in everything you do! You are a delight to have in Year 2 Oak!

Maria G - For making excellent progress in Maths. You always challenge yourself and work very hard!

Shreya C - For always being kind and considerate to others. You're a joy to have in Year 2 Oak.

Jai J - For your hardworking and positive attitude towards any task. You are an amazing part of Year 2 Oak. 

Cat T - For taking pride in every piece of work you do. Well done you superstar. 

Alex M - For WOWing me with your superb reading everyweek during lockdown.  You are a superstar!

Robert Z - For always having a positive attitude to learning. Superstar!

Amelia Konczuk: For being a super prayer leader. You lead prayer beautifully in the classroom 

Adam Piekarczyk: For always trying so hard and being a good listener, taking on board advice and as a result improving your work 


Henry Holmes: For always having such a good, positive attitude to your learning. 

Dinah Jose: For always working so hard and challenging yourself in everything you do. You have a fantastic attitude to your learning, well done. 

Jack Moverley: for showing how capable he is when he rises to the challenge. 

Bogna Timofiejew: For becoming more ‘loud and proud’ in the classroom, sharing your fantastic ideas. 

Freddie Tustin: For being a cheerful, bubbly and helpful member of the class. What a fantastic team ant!  

Danny Taylor: For making excellent progress in math’s. Your fluency, problem solving and reasoning is excellent. 

Lilyana Dos Santos: For always persisting when challenge occurs, what a fantastic resilient rhino! 

Kennedy Ballard: For your kind and nurturing manner. You are always kind and considerate to others.  



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28 January 2021

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