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Friday 2nd July Certificates


Pupil of the week

   Kyran – his excellent effort in maths this week you have tried really hard!






Kyran - For trying hard in your PE. It has been lovely having you in Year 1. 

Willow - For becoming more independent in your work. We have really enjoyed having you in Year 1.

Alvin - For working hard in your reading. You have worked really hard and are such a Tom Tortoise. 

Tristan - For working so hard in year 1. You have made such fantastic progress this year Tristan. You are a credit to St Joseph's.

Lincoln- Working so hard in your work. It has been lovely having you in Year 1. 



Zayaan – For his fantastic ‘Have a Go Hare’ attitude in maths and always challenging himself.   

Archie – for his improved confidence and independence in writing 

Elijah – for always being a kind and caring friend and looking after others  

Anais – for being a Tom tortoise and always listening to feedback to make her work even better!  

KC – for improved behaviour throughout the year and being able to over difficulties by making the right choice 



Information for Parents Transition Meetings



Home Learning Expectations/ Opportunities- click the image for more details

9:15am register will be taken each morning - this will be a opportunity for a quick check in a catch up (sent via Tapestry)

2:45pm will be story time for the end of the day (sent via Tapestry)

Children are expected to complete at least 3 tasks a day

Send pictures/videos of their  3 learning tasks each day.

We will acknowledge all learning but will give detailed feedback as necessary.

Please don't feel these tasks need to be 'perfect' before sending them in. It is a great skill for children to revisit and edit work. 

Check your Tapestry account notifications from Wednesday 6th Jan to see which home learning your child should access.




During this lockdown it is vital your child's reading skills continue to develop and we highly reccommend that you continue to read with your child daily.

There are two key areas these are: 

Word Reading - Your child applying their phonics knowledge and spotting their common exception (tricky words) on sight.

Comprehension - Your child understanding what they are reading. Here are some useful tasks to help develop your child's comprehension skills.  


Accessing books online- visit https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/

1. Create a free account and log in

2. Make your way to the Free Ebook Library 

2. Scroll down until you see the button 'Levels' 

3. Select book band and the coloured books your child is on

4. Or select Read Write Inc Books and select the colour best suited to your child's phonics ability

5. Please feel free to explore other areas of website and other books too. There is also some great phonics support available. 

Here is an Oxford Owl help video to talk you through the process


Online books from different authors are being added to- https://library.thenational.academy/

Audio book are available free at  Audible Stories: Free Audiobooks for Kids | Audible.com


Visit phonics play https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk and play games   

Here is a video of how to access phonics play for FREE



Week Commencing 21st June 


Monday 21st June 2021

Watch this week's Mrs Bury's Gospel Assembly on the Catholic Life page 




Set 1 sound recap 

Set 2 sound recap 

Set 3 sound recap



Monday Phonics lesson


Watch the story of The Snail and the Whale

What happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story?

1 star - Can you order the pictures and write any key words.

2/3 star - Can you complete the story mountain and phrases/ sentences  explaining what happens at the beginning, middle and end.

2 star write simple phrases 

3 star write full sentences 


Challenge- can you retell the story to your grown up?




Introduction to Money - find Monday's slides and work through 


Complete the sheet

1 star 

2 star

3 star 


extra challenge sheets



Starter warm up song

Today we are thinking all about the weather and different seasons. Watch the video to explain all about the different symbols for weather.




Tuesday 22nd June 2021





Set 1 sound recap 

Set 2 sound recap 

Set 3 sound recap 


Tuesday Phonics Lesson


Re-watch the story of 'The Snail and the Whale.'

1 star- Watch the story and retell to a grown up. Who are the characters? What happens in the story?

2 and 3 star starter- read the text, circle the adjectives


Today you are going to be looking at the pictures and using adjectives to describe what you see, what you smell, what you hear




Find Tuesday's money slides and work through them 


Complete the worksheets 

1 star

2 star 

3 star


Extra challenge - Toy Shop Game 


Today we are thinking all about Jesus' 12 disciples who he called to help him. 

Watch song to learn all about the disciples names.

Follow the video to draw a disciple and write as many of the disciples names as you can remember.

Challenge- Why did Jesus have disciples? What was there special job?

























Wednesday 23rd June 2021





Set 1 sound recap 

Set 2 sound recap 

Set 3 sound recap


Wednesday Phonics Lesson

Choose a setting/ writing frame and write a setting description.

Writing frame 1

Writing frame 2

Writing frame 3

1 star- sentences with capital letters, finger spaces, full stops. 

2 star- sentences with adjectives.

3 star- Using the conjunction 'and' and using senses (see, hear, smell) description


Introduction: Find Wednesday's money slides and work through them 


Complete the worksheets 

1 star - red star sheet

2 star - blue star sheet 

3 star- yellow star sheet


Extra challenge Pay for it game 


Today we are thinking about the bible. Watch this video to explain about the bible.

Write a sentence to explain what the bible is. Can you draw a picture of any bible stories you can remember?




Thursday 24th June 2021


Set 1 sound recap 

Set 2 sound recap 

Set 3 sound recap 


Thursday Phonics Lesson


Visit https://real.jasmineactive.com/home

Use these login details to log in and follow the instructions provided 


Today in your art lesson you are going to have a go at making a folding surprise puppet. 

Watch the step by step guide to help.

Reading Comprehension 

Worksheet and questions






















Friday 25th June 2021


Carry out the spelling test for this week.

1. Say the words

2. Put it into a full sentence

3. Repeat the spelling word 

Group 1 (Year 1)

Group 2 (working towards year 1)


1. Think about the ideas you came up last week for your pizza box design for Mr Domino. 

2. Create your final design using you favourite features 

3. Remember to make it eye catching and appeal to young children 

Pizza Box Template 



Log in to Purple Mash and check your 2Dos 

1. Complete 2go Get Buzzy challenge use  Open videos button to find out what to do 

2. Complete 2logo challenge use the Open videos button to find out what to do 


Golden Time

Well done for completing a full week of home learning! Enjoy having a choose and playing games this afternoon. 
















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