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There are no homework tasks for you to do over the Easter break! 

There will not be any spellings or CGP tasks set over Easter.

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Interested in practising some french? Log on to Language Angels and maybe you could make posters of the topics/vocabulary as well.

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Carol Vordermans maths school is usually about £2 a week.

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Log on to 'pobble', where you will find writing tasks, reading comprehensions and SPAG starters to practise


Update 1/04/2020

​Hi Everybody​

​We hope you are all staying safe and well and making the best of the current situation. Next week it will be the first week of the Easter holidays, so we won't be sharing any 'home school' work, but we will be setting some homework to be completed over the two weeks. The homework will be appearing on the Year 5 class page towards the end of the current week (WB 30.03.2020).​

​In the meantime, we have some more resources to share with you all. Firstly, some more arithmetic and spag test papers. As well as these, we have included a powerpoint which has a range of maths and english activities. Some of these might be more appropriate than others, but they can be used as short activities to stimulate discussion and critical thinking.​

​Finally, we would like to set you a challenge. We have included an example of a diary entry of a Victorian workhouse child. This example includes lots of brilliant features which you have been learning about in English lessons in KS2. Your challenge is to write your own diary entry, including as much of the Year 5 grammar objectives as you can. It is entirely up to you whose perspective you write from. You might want to write as yourself, you could write about your favourite book character, sports player or even a character that you have created yourself! The main thing is you plan what is going to happen and your day has a clear sequence of events, so make it as exciting as you can. When you have written your diary entry and you are happy with it, feel free to send a photo or even a word document of it to your class teacher using either of the usual emails. Perhaps some of them might even make their way onto the website or school twitter page!​

​Good luck and don't forget your  parents can email Mr Bowring or Mrs Masters at either of these addresses if you need to:​

​    - Mr Bowring​   - Mrs Masters


Year 5 Home learning 1/4/2020


Homework for next week 30/3/20

Maths CGP pages 27,36 and 37

English CGP pages 26 and 27

Spelling to Learn;












Here are some more resources to work from next week (30/03/20)

The comprehension could be done in stages, focussing on one text at a time. There is a reading text file which contains the texts and and a question book file which contains the questions. If you can't print any of this off you can still use it effectively just by viewing on screen and answering on paper. All answers are included.

Test papers year 5 27/3



Latest updates 24/3/2020

Hi everyone, just some extra ideas for some work you can do at home as well as an update.

Firstly, the log in you were given by us to log in to you do not need for the time being. We are hoping to use this log in effectively to be able to allow us to create an effective way of exchanging teaching and learning resources with you, but this is not something we are using at the moment. When we do need you to log in, we will explain exactly what you need to do.

Secondly, we would like to share two further resources for maths and English home learning. I have attached to the Year 5 class page a document called Year 5 daily grammar. You may recognise this because we have used quite a lot of the slides at the start of our English lessons. However, we think it will be really useful for you to have a look at these slides, perhaps just one per day. This will help you to revise your grammar knowledge and it may be that you need to do some research to find out about something which you are not sure.


I would also like to point you in the direction of the website which myself and Mrs Masters use to get your daily maths starters which we do for morning calculations:

You will find that there is a different worksheet for every day. Most of you use either gold or silver when in school so you should be aware of which one you are used to.

Finally, we will do our best to upload answers for what we have uploaded a few days afterwards, but please bear with us.

Stay safe

Mr Bowring and Mrs Masters

Daily Grammar


Dear Parents 19/3/2020

It is with great regret that we write to you in these unprecedented circumstances. It is important that the children understand that school being closed during term time is an entirely different situation to the school being closed during the holidays. Academically, it is vital that we can all work together to ensure the children continue to access learning and make progress. With this in mind we have provided them all with a learning pack containing the following:

Reading comprehensions

Arithmetic tests

Grammar tests

Reading book

Homework books (CGP)

It is important to bear in mind that these are examples of the things that your child can be doing at home. We will be using the Year 5 class page on the school website to provide further resources, but it is beyond the capacity of the school at this time for us to print any more than we currently have. Further comprehension, SPAG, maths and writing tasks will be uploaded to the class page and children can, if needed, access these on screen and record their answers on paper at home. We will also endeavour to provide answers where possible on the website, although this will not always be practical due to the volume of work we are providing. We have also created class emails through which you can contact your child’s class teacher for any major issues which might arise through your child’s home learning. We will endeavour to answer your all your queries.

The children have access to a range of online learning resources which will be linked on the Year 5 class page. Their log ins are written down in their reading records having been checked over the last fortnight. Again we may link tasks set on the Year 5 class page to their online learning environments which they can log in to.

Finally, we have provided your child with a log in for the school email system. Please do not use this unless directed to do so through an update posted on the Year 5 class page. It may be that this is a more effective way to provide children with more in depth teaching and learning opportunities at some stage.


We hope to see you all again soon


Mr Bowring & Mrs Masters

Test papers Year 5 20/3


A reminder of the expectations in Year 5:

Homework completed by Thursday, set on Friday.

Spellings to learn each week

Times table practise is essential - this will really show up in our weekly times tables tests.

You should write three entries per week into your reading record when you read. In addition to this you should be reading to your parents, who should be signing your reading record to say they have heard you read, twice per week.

World Book Day




Year 5 Information






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