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This is the layout of year 6 classroom ready for the 1st of June


Mrs McDonagh's Maths Mansion Year 6


Decimal re-cap Grammar 1 Grammar 2 Grammar 3 Grammar 4 Angles


 Computing Lesson 1: Help Video-  Silhouette Art 

   Computing Lesson 4: Help Video on Creating a Comic Strip

 Computing Lesson 2: Help Video on Creating Tables

    Computing Lesson 5: Help Video on creating a Power Point (PPT) step 1

 Computing Lesson 3: Help Video on Creating Posters





These are activities which you can do ‘little and often’ throughout the week:


French Home Learning Projects and Activities


Spellings: Please practise these regularly.  


Reading Comprehension: This will be updated weekly.

Week Beginning 13th July


Welcome to the beginning of your Year 6 work.


For you this week, we have sourced a few different types of lessons and we are asking you to complete these with gusto and enthusiasm, remembering we will be looking at these and how you present them, the effort you put into them and the time you give to them.


Monday – Maths

There are two lessons on this PowerPoint, and we would like you to complete one today and one on Wednesday. Today’s is about Frogs jumping. These activities are asking you to work systematically to find a solution. Remember to show your working out as this is key to understanding how you work. PowerPoint


Tuesday – English

Today we would like you to consider writing us a letter or creating a PowerPoint of yourself. Look closely at the PowerPoints we have created of ourselves and see what we have told you about us, your new teachers. What would you like to tell us about you? Remember to use sentences, even in a PowerPoint. Always check your work and read it back to make sure it makes sense. Consider your openings of each sentence to ensure that they make the writing flow and not sound like you’ve written a shopping list.


Wednesday – Maths

Today is the second maths activity. This activity is about being mathematical and symmetrical. You are being asked to consider how something can be created symmetrically if you have different amounts of coloured beads. Read the PowerPoint and have a go at finding out the different ways that you could make a necklace.


Thursday – English

If you were to be a log, what logo would you be? Why would you be this logo and why? Can you draw your logo and label it, explaining why you have chosen certain things and what these say about yourself?



Other activities to be completed this week:


A science lesson: Read the video from this link:


 Complete this sheet on the topic.


A topic lesson: What is Democracy? Where did it begin? How does the Ancient Greek Democracy system compare/differ to the system of democracy we have today? Can you read the PowerPoint and then fill in the activity sheet in which accompanies it?


Practise your spellings of the Year 5/6 words. Can you write them using different colours and make it look beautiful?  Which words do you need to focus on? Which words could you use in one of your English this week?


Can you speed write your times tables: 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36 or 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40,44,48




Week Beginning 29th June









Children to use the Powerpoint and choose a piece of writing they would like to do today.

 writing opportinities


Lesson 1 on Powerpoint





ICT with Mrs McDonagh




activity sheet


Children to use the Powerpoint and choose a piece of writing they would like to do today.  

Lesson 2 on Powerpoint


ICT with Mrs McDonagh




Children to use the Powerpoint and choose a piece of writing they would like to do today.   


 Lesson 3 on Powerpoint


ICT with Mrs McDonagh


road safety lesson ppt

campaign sheet


Children to use the Powerpoint and choose a piece of writing they would like to do today.   

Lesson 4 on Powerpoint


ICT with Mrs McDonagh




Extra fun activities




Mr Oates' PE Challenge

Road Safety Activity

Summer Reading Challenge




If you wish to share your learning with your teacher or want to ask any questions, please use the email address at the top of the page. If your child is working below or above their age expectation, please feel free to utilise previous or future year group pages to challenge them appropriately.



Here are some other activities, should you wish to complete them:





Mrs McDonagh’s Group can complete this set. Please complete one page a week, not one a day.

Mrs Hackley’s Group can complete this set.  






Correct Spellings


Other: Project Homework for Week 5



So, we are fast approaching the end of your penultimate term at St Joseph's. How  time has flown! 

To ensure you  reach your full potential, we request that you continue to do your homework and hand it in on time. We also ask you to partake in a little technology once in a while, focusing on these websites: 


You can even borrow books from the library and do quizzes on them at home on Accelarated Reading:

Remember, if we are not at school for a while, you have your spelling lists, grammar and Maths books and your reminder books to revise from. Making posters or taking notes in your grammar books is an excellent way of preparing yourself for those little 'quizzes' we have in May. 

Let’s continue with this party!





Homework can be found in the children's green homework book. It is based on the Maths and English CGP books .
















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