St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Staff Structure for 2017/2018

Mrs Louise Bury Head Teacher
Mrs L Jackson Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J McDonagh Assistant Headteacher and SENDCO
Office Staff
Mrs K Hunt Office Manager
Mrs S Ward School Financial Administrator
Mrs M Burston Clerical Assistant
Early Year Foundation Stage
Miss L Dean Reception Oak Class Teacher
Miss R Haines Reception Pear Class Teacher
Mrs J Teague Reception Oak Nursery Nurse
Mrs L Bills Reception Pear Nursery Nurse
Mrs A Barnas-Stanczyk Reception Learning Support Assistant
Key Stage One
Miss L Malpass Year 1 Oak Class Teacher
Miss S Hancox Year 1 Pear Class Teacher
Miss M Annese Year 2 Oak Class Teacher
Mrs E Piercy Year 2 Pear Class Teacher
Mrs L Penn Year 1 Oak Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Kuzimska Year 1 Pear Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Boddy Year 2 Pear Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Jones Year 2 Oak Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Homer Learning Support Assistant
Mrs P Tierney Learning Support and Nurture assistant
Key Stage Two
Mrs L Nickless Year 3 Oak Class Teacher
Mrs N Boswell Year 3 Pear Class Teacher
Miss R Hill Year 4 Oak Class Teacher
Mr W Bowring Year 5 Oak Class Teacher
Mrs A Hackley Year 5 Pear Class Teacher
Mrs A Masters Year 6 Pear Class Teacher
Mrs A Davies-Hale Year 3 Oak Teaching Assistant 
Mrs F Ross Year 3 Pear Learning Support Assistant
Mrs C Ratkovic Teaching Assistant Year 3/4
Mrs J Collinwood Teaching Assistant Year 3/4
Mrs J Melhuish Teaching Assistant Year 5/6
Mrs W Yeomans Teaching Assistant Year 5/6
Mrs S Harrison Learning Support Assistant
Additional Teaching Staff
Mrs S Barker Nurture Teacher and more able support
Mrs R Holland Librarian and MFL Teacher
Mrs T Eaborn Family Support Worker
Mrs B Lane EAL and Speech and Language Assistant

Staffing Structure

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