Anti-Bullying Policy

St Joseph’s Anti-Bullying Policy outlines what we will do to prevent and tackle bullying. The policy has been drawn up through the involvement of the whole school community and we are committed to developing an anti-bullying culture whereby no bullying, including between adults or adults and children and young people will be tolerated.

Our school community:

  • Discusses monitors and reviews our anti-bullying policy on a regular basis.
  • Supports all staff to promote positive relationships and identify and tackle bullying appropriately.
  • Ensures that pupils are aware that all bullying concerns will be dealt with sensitively and effectively; that pupils feel safe to  learn; and that pupils adhere to the anti- bullying policy.
  • Reports back to parents / carers regarding their concerns on bullying and deals promptly with complaints. Parents / carers in turn work with the school to uphold the anti-bullying policy.
  • Seeks to learn from good anti-bullying practice elsewhere and utilises
  • Support from the Local Authority and other relevant organisations when appropriate

Anti-Bullying Documents

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