R.E Curriculum Statement

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Worcester

‘Following Jesus in all we do’

Religious Education at St Joseph’s is central to the life of the school, it is a way of life, living and learning through Faith. RE is a core subject and is taught through the four areas of study: Revelation, Church, Celebration and Life in Christ. The beliefs and values studied in RE inspire and draw together every aspect of the life of our school. To adhere to requirements set at the Bishops Conference, 10% of teaching time is devoted to RE. This will help to nurture the human wholeness of each pupil to play a full role in society and provide a community in which faith, culture and life are brought into harmony. R.E. is taught as a discrete subject but can also be part of cross curricular work.

Weekly Headteacher’s assemblies cover the Catholic Pupil Profile of values and virtues, Sunday Gospels and Multi-faith festivals.  Weekly praise assemblies celebrate the achievements of our pupils, including their display of the Catholic Pupil Profile of values and virtues.  Key Stage masses held weekly are planned and delivered by different year groups, and whole school masses are planned by the Liturgy Planners.  Each key stage has a weekly assembly which celebrates pupils’ achievements and discusses current news events.

The RE support network runs through our school and helps support the Catholic ethos of our school.  In Reception and KS1 the Prayer Leaders lead prayer in class and during key stage assemblies.  The Prayer Leaders also aid their teachers in dressing their class prayer table.  They often work with the RE coordinator to promote prayer in school.  In lower KS2 the St Joseph’s Workers get stuck into RE tasks around the school.  The take responsibility for the lower KS2 prayer tables, distribute the Wednesday Word and tend to the Marian Garden.  The Liturgy Planners, in upper KS2, help the RE coordinator to plan whole school Masses and aid with other key tasks such as producing the annual Multi-faith calendar.

Love and Relationships

Annually all year groups complete a unit on ‘Love and Relationships’ during RE lessons.  As well as being taught within the Diocesan Curriculum Strategy for RE, ‘Learning and Growing as the People of God’, the McCrimmons developmental programme ‘A journey in Love’ will provide the main strategies and units of coverage for each year group.  Within EYFS pupils learn about how we are all unique and loved by God, Key Stage 1 pupils learn about family and community, Lower Key Stage 2 pupils focus on the social, emotional and physical changes we experience as we grow up, and Upper Key Stage 2 begin to explore how we change and develop during puberty and how this effects our relationships with other. Upper Key Stage 2 also cover the risks of CSE during their L&R unit, with the support of our local CSE police officer.


One World Week

Annually all year groups explore different world faiths and cultures during our One World Week.  This special week usually involves trips to places of worship and faith exhibitions, workshops held within school by experts and upper Key Stage 2 children, art and crafts, and assemblies and Masses. 


Mrs L Jackson

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