English writing

English reading




Write a narrative (story) using a range

Read a chapter of your book and


Practice times tables on times table

Create a parachute to investigate

of features such as: simile, metaphor,

write some questions for someone



air resistance

alliteration, fronted adverbials. Use

else to answer






the picture below as inspiration



Complete a Corbett maths ‘5 a-day’

Create a model/drawing of the


Write a book review of your book


maths sheet

solar system







Chose a character in your book and




Pick a planet in the solar system a

Write an open letter to your local

write a character description about





research it

community to support the Royal

them, including how they are


Play hit the button


British Legion poppy appeal.

perceived by others





Make a factfile about Tim Peake







or Neil Armstrong or Katherine













Research Alma Thomas and create a

Find a yoga video or dance video and


Research a Victorian invention

Write your own prayer about

piece of art in her style using any

take part!





what is happening in the world

media you have available



Write a diary entry as a child worker

right now




in a factory or a chimney sweep or a





house maid

Visit the catholic life area of the







website and chose an activity.












The following work is for any child who is working from home due to self isolation related to coronavirus (not for children who are unwell with something else). This work will not be changed unless we do unfortunately have a child in Year 5 who this applies to and need to update it, so please don't do this work unless you are self isolating. 




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