Activities if you are isolating at home

Please only complete this activities if you are isolating at home as we will be covering them in class. If you would like specific home learning please contact your class teacher.


English (writing)

Draw a picture; write a sentence using an adjective.

Saying the sentence out-loud. 


Use adjectives BEFORE the noun. 


The hot sun was in the blue sky. 


The conjunction ‘and’ to join sentences together.  


Eg Instead of.. 

I went to the shop. I saw my friend.  

I went to the shop and saw my friend

English (reading)

Read to a family member.

Read your Year 1 common exception word mat.

Practise the days of the week/ months of the year.

Practise your phonics sounds.

Visit phonics play and play on the free games.

Log into Education city and explore the English section.



Visit White Rose Maths and complete a lesson from this week's lessons 


Visit BBC Bitesize and learn about 


Draw a label parts of a plant. 

Research what plants you have in your garden or plants you might find in your local park. 


Draw a self-portrait and choose colours to match your hair, eyes... 


Log into Purple Mash and explore 2paint 



Complete a Joe Wicks workout.

Go for a walk with your family.

Run up and down the stairs 5 times. Feel your heart beat, what does it feel like? What else is happening to your body? 


  • Throwing a ball
  • Catching a ball
  • Rolling a ball
Kicking a ball 


Explore the Easter story on Youtube 


Create your own Ester Story booklet


Write an Easter prayer or poem



Use google Earth to explore your local area and then England, Great Britain and even the 7 continents.

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