All donations to support our community through the Worcester Food bank 

Please give as generously as possible.

Many thanks.


Please give as generously as possible.

Many thanks

items we urgently need;

supermarket gift cards

peanut butter

sponge puddings

hot chocolate

tinned potatoes

tinned vegetables

tinned cold meats (e.g. spam)

tinned fruit

tinned rice pudding

tinned custard

mug shots

noodle pots



apple/orange juice


mixed herbs

salt and pepper

gravy granules

instant coffee



tomato sauce

packet seasoning

wet and dry dog/cat food

disposable razors

nappies sizes 5 to 7

small bottles of washing up liquid

family size shower gel


washing powder

anti-bac spray and wipes

kitchen roll

adult toothbrushes (single)

toothbrushes - family pack

shaving foam

family size shampoo

hair conditioner